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The single most common rule is a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. Other zero tolerance rules are violence, threats of violence, fighting, theft or violation of curfews. Each resident is required to be financially self-supporting, paying their own rent and purchasing their own food.

Under Massachusetts law, any treatment or correctional facility that receives state funding can only refer people to MASH-certified homes. Back in Quincy, City Councilor Brian Palmucci has proposed an ordinance that would regulate how a sober house is established. Sober living residents enjoy a spacious common area with preserved historic detail, modern amenities, and comfortable bedrooms. The sober house offers parking, a private yard, and close proximity to all that Springfield has to offer men in recovery. Not only does The Anthony House and its residents benefit from the standards that MASH has provided, we also gain access to the years of experience and know-how that many contributors have provided. Participation and meetings with like-minded individuals, inspiration and new ideas, and even an annual peer-oriented, training and education conference are just some of the many things that MASH is able to provide. Networking with the Halfway House and Recovery Home field for opportunities within our community should also not be understated.

Some Vanderburgh House sober homes are independently owned and operated by Chartered Operators of the Vanderburgh House sober living system. Please visit Vanderburgh Communities for more information on how to become a sober living Operator with the Vanderburgh House system. The recovery community in Matt’s Place Sober House in Springfield is committed and connected, led by an experienced House Manager who lives in the home and is available for support, coaching, and encouragement. Residents are engaged in the sober home community as well as the broader recovery community in Springfield, Massachusetts. Sober living residents participate in weekly house meetings and community activities both as a home and independently.

To date, they have certified 157 homes with 40 more on the waiting list. Sheehan, a recovering addict himself, credits sober homes for his survival. He’s so passionate about their effectiveness that he has made a career out of managing them, overseeing five other sober homes in Quincy. Mel Trulby, the operations manager of Bennington House, says living in a home with peer-to-peer support increases the odds of staying sober. At the Bennington House, a certified sober home in Quincy, the house rules are prominently placed on the refrigerator. Attending several AA or NA meetings a week, doing chores, taking drugs tests and meeting curfew are mandatory. While residents didn’t want to be interviewed, the managers were anxious to talk about how this kind of setting is essential to transitioning back into society and staying sober.

Their facility has ample room for the array of activities that compose a holistic addiction treatment program including yoga, guided meditation, music and art therapy, therapy dog encounters, massage and reiki. One thing the measure calls for is notifying the city 30 days in advance of opening a sober house. View the article entitled “Disputes flare between sober homes, cities and towns” and see what our Founder shares. To refer an ATR participant for sober home assistance and placement, authorized portals should complete this referral form and upload any required documentation. Our referral form is password protected, and only Authorized Referral Portals have access to make a referral. Residential programs may have changed the way they operate due to COVID-19.

Making A Difference One Person At A Time

Chelsea’s House, established in 2011, is a community of people who are transitioning from treatment into living life clean in the real world. We promote a family based experience to share life’s highs and lows together and be supportive of each other.

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To ensure a successful transition to independent living, clients are required to work and pay for rent. WISH has a House Manager, who lives on site in a separate apartment, and is responsible for ensuring a safe and supportive environment. In Massachusetts, sober homes and recovery residences are different models for substance abuse recovery. Recovery residences —formerly known as halfway houses — are licensed residential treatment programs, while Massachusetts sober homes are peer-led and do not provide treatment. Sober homes provide mutual support, emphasize independent living skills, and depend on peer leadership.

Each Rejuvenate Sober Home has a live-in House Manager to provide on-site support, guidance and accountabilty for our residents and their recovery. All-inclusive sober living rent payments are due weekly or monthly and are not currently covered by insurance or subsidies. Chelsea’s House will accept applications from applicants with at least three months of clean time and leaving a structured program. Homes, as well as promote technical assistance to new and existing sober homes. Your support and contributions will directly impact our Recovery Community. Enabling us to provide additional program incentives to our community members.

Great Lakes Sober Living

The Sober Home Recovery Coach will monitor their job search activity and if a participant is not demonstrating progress towards finding a job, they may lose their Sober Home funding from ATR. Before making a referral, an individual should be stabilized in their recovery and with any new medications. The individual should be at a point in their recovery process where they are beginning to think about long-term goals and stable enough to live in a more independent living situation. Please use the options below to filter the list of recovery residences. WISH is not funded by DPH, HUD, nor affiliated with Section 8 housing, however rent and services is typically capped at a level below 30% of total median income for a one-person family residing in Essex County. RECOVERY UP FRONT, in Weymouth, MA, is a Male Sober Living Environment that provides men who have attained abstinence and have a desire to maintain their sobriety in a safe, structured and supportive home. The Affinity House is sober living for women, run by women, seeking to lift you up and empower you to be the best version of your self.

Vanderburgh House works closely with MASH to develop standards and ensure that their sober houses offer the strongest community and recovery environment in service of their residents. For a list of all Vanderburgh Houses, please visit their website. Certified sober homes in Massachusetts are designated by the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing . Legislation in 2014 created voluntary certification of Massachusetts sober houses, and MASH began managing voluntary statewide sober home certification in 2016. We don’t ask for a minimum commitment, but by practicing the principles of recovery in day to day life in a safe sober living environment your commitment to length of stay is considered a high priority. The COVID-19 outbreak is a threat to health as well as economic security.

MASH is affiliated with NARR and helps promote these standards at sober houses across Massachusetts. Our mission and our passion is to provide ideal environments in which recovery can happen and thrive. The Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing exists to support men and women in recovery from addiction by improving access to quality sober houses through establishing recovery home standards and support services. It is a feeling.” Our certified sober homes take pride in offering a home-like environment that supports recovery. Certified sober homes have comfortable spaces for living, sleeping, and engaging with peers, all of which make them valuable and safe spaces for recovery. In Massachusetts, state agencies and vendors are only allowed to refer clients to MASH Certified sober houses. MASH serves as the primary agency for accountability for all certified sober homes in Massachusetts.

mash sober living

The Willing House is a MASH Certified Peer-Based Independent Living Community for Men and Women in Recovery. Our homes occupy the space between inpatient care and returning home. The Willing House provides independent living, with accountability, continuing and continuity of recovery for those who want to learn a new way to live. “Rejuvenate Homes Sober Living passionately strives to provide the ideal, supportive, comfortable Sober Living Environments in which recovery can happen and individuals can thrive.

If this sounds like the type of environment that you would like to practice recovery in our Residency Application, House Rules and Consent Forms are available on this site. We believe that we exist for the sole purpose of being of maximum service to our residents and their families. Every decision we make and every action we take is guided by this purpose.” Apply online; someone will call you to conduct a phone screen usually within a few hours. In order to access Minnesota’s Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund , individuals who are either uninsured, or under-insured, must complete a Chemical Health Assessment.

The Willing House

You consent to share the information you provided with this agency. If you selected “Email” or “Text message” above, you also consent to receive messages from this platform with info about this program. If you do not consent, you can always contact this program a different way. Unlock nonprofit financial insights that will help you make more informed decisions. If it is your nonprofit, add geographic service areas to create a map on your profile. At Lake Avenue Recovery, they guide people down a comprehensive addiction recovery path that includes a Day Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program and an Evening Treatment Program.

People that cannot afford to move into a sober living home as parts of their treatment plan have a high risk of homelessness and relapse. At The Anthony House, we strive to go above and beyond to adhere and exceed all of Mash’s standards. However, our residents can always take comfort in knowing that there will always be a form of accountability for our sober living house. If there are ever any complaints, MASH is a resource that will listen, investigate and respond. A list of all sober houses in Massachusetts on Sober House Directory is available here.

  • The Willing House provides independent living, with accountability, continuing and continuity of recovery for those who want to learn a new way to live.
  • Please contact the program directly to find out how they are providing care during this time.
  • The Willing House is the last step before one bridges themselves back to “the real world”, helping people with the disease of addiction move on once they are completely comfortable to leave this environment.
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  • Crossing Over’s primary purpose is to assist in providing a stable, structured and supportive environment which is conducive to the decisions of living a sober life, free of drugs and alcohol.

All community members are subject to random drug screens and daily breathalyzing. This is a critical part of our routine to ensure accountability. We provide the new comer with built in peer-based support, where help and a sense of fellowship, which is much needed in early recovery, can be found.

Avalon Sober Housing

Sober homes are not state-regulated because they don’t provide medical treatment, but many saw the need to set some standards. So operators created the non-profitMassachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, MASH is now the state’s authority on certifying sober homes. Executive Director Marie Graves says the response has been overwhelming.

If eligible for ATR Sober Home Services, ATR participants work with an ATR Housing Coordinator who connects them to a Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing Certified sober home that meets their specific needs. ATR will provide up to 5 months of rent payments while participants focus on their recovery. ATR participants are connected with a peer Recovery Coach as well as job training opportunities, empowering them to find a job and begin a new life from a stable foundation.

Rejuvenate Homes

Please contact residences to learn more about current pricing. Sober houses are often conflated with halfway houses, but the main distinction is that sober houses do not provide treatment, as they’re often the last step for someone coming out of rehab. Another distinction – there aren’t any restrictions on who can open a sober house. Tenants in both halfway houses and sober houses pay to live there. Located in Attleboro, MA, this freestanding residence houses 13 men. The program is funded by the weekly fees paid by the residents and is supervised by an on-site house manager.

Members houses have all been inspected and certified as being in compliance with the standards that MASH has established. All member organizations have signed a code of ethics document, and all house managers have completed one or more training sessions. Founded five decades ago, the non-profit has helped thousands of individuals manage their substance use disorder and mental health while improving their mental well-being. Along with de-stigmatizing the disease, Link-House continues to be a thought leader, educator, and partner in the community shedding light and hope for individuals with substance use disorder. MASH exists to ensure and promote critical management, operational, and ethical standards of sober homes and offers technical assistance to new and existing homes. They are wanting to come together as an entity and organization, share best practices to provide the most quality sober homes that we possibly can,” Graves said. Once enrolled, ATR expects every individual to find employment within 30 days of graduation from a job training program.

  • The sober house offers parking, a private yard, and close proximity to all that Springfield has to offer men in recovery.
  • Join our sober living community or refer a client, family member, or friend.
  • Legislation in 2014 created voluntary certification of Massachusetts sober houses, and MASH began managing voluntary statewide sober home certification in 2016.
  • All MASH-certified sober homes are required to have comfortable living space, with a common living area, designated living and sleeping areas that meet our requirements for square footage, bathrooms that accommodate the home’s maximum capacity.
  • Sober homes support various abstinence-based pathways to recovery, and each residence focuses on one or more particular pathway.

After a referral is received, our Housing Coordinator will reach out to the individual to schedule an intake appointment. It mash sober living was found that enrollment in these services led to significant improvements when compared to participation in ATR alone.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. “You’ll have an opportunity then to meet with city officials and have a plan presented as to how you plan to operate your sober home, what the qualifications are of the folks running the sober home,” he said. “Because currently, there’s no way for them to tell what’s a sober home that’s actually focused on recovery and what’s a sober home that’s focused on collecting monthly rent payments and making money.” Sober homes and boarding homes differ, and the laws governing boarding houses are specific for that designation. To protect our recipients, Pink Cloud Foundation partners exclusively with sober-living facilities in Minnesota which are certified members of the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes . For example, if you search for substance use, a search WITHOUT quotation marks would find listings that include the words “substance” OR “use.” A search WITH quotation marks (“substance use”) would find listings only with the whole phrase “substance use.”

A “judgement Free” Community

The Willing House provides safe housing for all who need it, with all the comforts of home, and a feeling of close-knit peer support. If a safe and sober living environment with fellowship and support is what you seek, we know you’ll find it here at The Willing House. It’s a realization that sober living is going to be hard without proper support. We are a sober living house that acts as a community to help you focus on living your life without the use of drugs and alcohol. We do this by developing relationships with each other that have the potential to last a lifetime. As we grow, learn and support each other, we utilize MASH, the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes, as a guide to help promote high quality community based sober living within our own home here at The Anthony House. Supportive living in a structured environment such as a sober living house has proven in many cases to be the element that enables individuals to embrace the process of recovery.

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